Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is a process significantly affecting patients in social terms. Although there are many reasons among the factors, the gold standard method of treatment is still hair transplantation today. Balding areas can be covered as in other hairy areas with hair transplantation.

If there is a familial tendency, especially in men, hair loss is more likely to occur.

Hair loss can be seen depending on many reasons. Regardless of the reason, hair transplantation is the most effective and natural way to regain lost hair. The transplanted hair is permanent for the whole life. The durability of transplanted hair is not about the procedure performed. It is explained by the genetic structure of hair follicles.

In the recent past, people who are bald or have sparse hair were recommended to use wigs or prosthetic hair. These non-natural methods could not go beyond covering up the problem. Instead of these methods, hair transplantation is a more popular and permanent solution today.

Who are good candidates for hair transplantation?
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