The nose is located in the midline of the face and functions often as the introducer of the face at the first moments of social interactions. It is among the distinctive features with its special location in the face and personal structure. It has a complex structure composed of bone, cartilage, muscle and soft tissue.

Nose deformities include the following:

  • Asymmetry
  • Excessively large nasal wings
  • Excessively big nose
  • Existence of nasal hump
  • Insufficient air passage in functional terms
  • Ptosis of nasal tip, or narrow or large nasal tips
  • Collapse of nasal bridge

In order to correct these deformities, the desired shape and function are achieved usually with a surgical intervention to be performed under general anaesthesia. It is among the most common aesthetic surgeries in Turkey and it is not an ordinary surgery as it includes a lot of different tissues.

What is important before the surgery?
How long does the surgery last?
Is a buffer placed inside the nose? Does it cause any pain?
When are silicone supplements and sutures removed?
When can I return to social life after surgery?
What should be noted after the surgery?
How long does it take for the nose to achieve its final shape?
How much does rhinoplasty cost?
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